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Early Detection

Early Detection is the Key

To protect Oregon from invasive species, it is important to stop new outbreaks before they start. By the time an invader is easily noticeable and begins to cause damage, it is often too late. It can be difficult and expensive to remove an established invader. However, by detecting new outbreaks early and acting quickly to control them, we can avoid many of the environmental and economic losses caused by invasive species.

You Can Help

In their efforts to detect new outbreaks, invasive species experts in Oregon face the daunting challenge of tracking hundreds of potential new invaders across millions of acres of farms, forests, and waterways. They can't do it alone. They need the help of all Oregonians to be their eyes in the field.

The Oregon Invasive Species Online Hotline is designed to help you become involved in this effort. By using the Online Hotline to report suspected invasive species in your area, you'll be contributing vital early detection information to the experts best able to stop the spread of invasives. The Online Hotline also lets you connect directly with an expert to get positive identifications and answers to your questions.

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