Learn About the Invaders

The first step in early detection is knowing what to look for. Learning about potential invaders in your area will make it easier to spot and identify them when you are outdoors. Start with the natural environments that you know the best: your garden, nearby parks or forests, a favorite fishing hole or hiking trail. Familiarize yourself with the "watch list" of invasive species that are threatening to invade these areas and get to know the native plants and animals species that should be living there.

Oregon has many user-friendly resources to help you identify what's invasive, what's a threat, and and what's native to your area.

You can also use printed or downloadable guides to begin to learn more about invasive species. These resources are helpful to carry with you out in the field for help with identification.

  • Western Invasive Plant EDRR Guide Published by the ODA, the guide is a detailed resource for identifying invasive plants. It is available online and as printable PDF files from the ODA Web site.
  • On the Lookout for Aquatic Invaders - Created by Sea Grant Oregon, this guide is a resource of information about aquatic species threatening Pacific Northwest waterways. Find out how to get your copy at the SeaGrant Web site
  • GardenSmart Oregon - A gardener's guide to non-invasive plants, it identifies 25 of the most threatening invasive plants across Oregon and recommends non-invasive alternative plants for gardeners and landscapers. Download a copy of the GardenSmart Guide.

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