Land Plants - invasive

Ivy, English or Atlantic (Hedera helix or Hedera hibernica) on Jul 27, 2008

Submitter does not have a specimen

Description of specimen

I was looking thru craigslist farm and garden section this weekend and found this add.

Not sure if this is premitted.


Hi Kevin, thanks for your Craigslist report. Yes, the advertisement is legal - you'll note the author of the ad did cite the actual law relative to this plant. Until the time period designated in the law, people will continue to be allowed to sell this plant. Fortunately, though, once the law kicks in and people stop planting this plant, control and management of this species may be easier, particularly in areas that would be susceptible to introduction. Thanks for your report!

Lisa DeBruyckere
July 29, 2008, 1:10 p.m.