Land Plants - invasive

Giant Knotweed (Polygonum sachalinense) on Aug 4, 2018

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This information has already been provided to Ryan Murdoff, District botanist.

Incidences of Giant Knotweed, now in flower, that I found on the Middle Fork RD, Willamette NF, 7/30-8/2 2018:
(I believe this is not Japanese Knotweed because I saw no red stems.)

A. Black Canyon Campground
- A.1. Below Site 28 on the river's edge. Large patch about 15 ft. diam.

B. North Fork Trail No. 3666
- B.1. 10 minutes in from trailhead at 3rd seep (wet area on trail) on both sides of trail. A few plants.
- B.2. just past old mill site? (a concrete water diversion structure) on uphill side of trail. Several plants.
- B.3. at footbridge, in drainage on both sides of trail. Small patch above, large patch below trail.
- B.4. just west of footbridge on uphill side of trail. Large patch about 10 ft. diam.

C. Lawler Trail No. 3473
- C.1. Lower Section - About 95 yards north of new 2-log footbridge currently under construction beside trail next to downed tree root wad. I pulled this one plant and it broke at the ground level. I left the plant there. This will require checking to see if it sprouts again next summer.
- C.2. Upper Section (improved for mountain bikes) - about 15 minutes hike above road at beginning of this section on a relatively straight stretch, on downhill trail side, with a large root wad about 40 feet below. 3 plants.

D. Goodman Creek Trail No. 3461
- D.1. About three miles in, at significant drainage crossing before switchbacks begin, on both sides of trail in that drainage. Smaller patches on both sides of trail.
- D.2. About 75 yards before above described drainage, at a seep on the trail, above the trail. A few plants.