Land Plants - invasive

Ivy, English or Atlantic (Hedera helix or Hedera hibernica) on Jan 7, 2019

Submitter has sample
EDRR Status: No Response/Action Required

Description of specimen

Large English Ivy plants in berry.


Hello and thank you for your report! Ivy is a common invasive species in the pacific NW, and its control is usually down to the desires of the land owners, in this case it would be up to the botanical garden if they'd like to control this plant. If they don't want to remove it, they can help control its spread by removing the fruits. More information on ivy control can be found in the Remedy section below.

Great to hear that you're interested in the Oregon Forest Pest Detector program! You can find all the information about it at . There are no trainings currently scheduled, but you can check back at for the next training.


Lindsey Wise
Feb. 7, 2019, 9:18 a.m.