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Land Plants on Jan 8, 2019

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I found Robert's geranium/herb Robert where it looks like it was only recently introduced. This was in October 2018. This trail is not well known but has become much more popular thanks to social media and GPS, so someone must have tracked in seeds on their boots not too long ago. I didn't see much evidence of the species on the trail to the falls, but at the site of the falls, I noticed several plants - mostly confined to one area (for now!). It seems evident to me that the species was introduced relatively recently because the population was pretty small but growing. I did notice some specimens on the hike back out, since I was actively looking for them at that point. But there weren't too many. It might still be possible to keep it from taking over! This is one of Oregon's most beautiful and pristine waterfalls and I was so sad to see this invasive plant.