Insects and Spiders - native

Sphecius grandis on Jul 21, 2021

Originally reported as Asian Giant Hornet (Vespa mandarinia)

Submitter has sample
EDRR Status: No Response/Action Required

Description of specimen

A very large hornet with orange eyes was found at our campsite by the river. We have been there many times and have never seen a hornet like this. It reminded me of those I have seen in China. I preserved the insect and have it in a zip loc bag. I am not qualified to be able to determine the exact type of hornet.


Dear Brian, thank you for your submission. Luckily, this is not the invasive Asian giant hornet but our native western cicada killer wasp, Sphecius grandis. This summer, we have seen a significant increase in cicada wasps in eastern and central Oregon associated with increasing numbers of native cicadas. They are harmless to people. Thank you, Helmuth

Helmuth Rogg
July 21, 2021, 1 p.m.