Land Plants - invasive

Knotweed (unknown species) (Fallopia sp.) on Jul 29, 2009

Submitter does not have a specimen

Description of specimen

Typical knotweed growth form.


Hi Bruce, thanks for the hotline report of suspected knotweed. There's numerous organizations mounting a fight against knotweed and other invasive species; I've listed those in the "More Resources" section above. You can click on your county and make contact with your local soil and water conservation district - they may be able to verify the plant and take action. I also provided a hyperlink with a great deal of information about controlling knotweed in the Pacific Northwest, although I suspect, given your background, you are well versed in removal methods. Thank you for the report of knotweed. This is a great opportunity for your local SWCD.

Lisa DeBruyckere
July 29, 2009, 2:04 p.m.