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Banded Alder Borer (Rosalia funebris) on Jul 30, 2009

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very much like the pictures of Asian Longhorned Beetles, except that it is slightly more white on its torso than most photos on the web. Its torso is also slightly narrower.

We have it alive in a bug habitat (our son's). You can contact me during working hours at (503) 335-6673 if you wish to discuss or obtain the beetle.

Greg Clarke


Hi Greg, thanks for the great photo of a native banded alder borer. It is found from California and New Mexico north. Larvae feed in dead hardwood trees: maple, alder, oak, willow. These longhorned beetles are confused with the eastern Asian longhorn, but if you look at photos of the two, the banded alder has much more distinct black and white bands while the asian has spots that are not in a certain pattern. They are both in the Cerambycidae or longhorn beetle family

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Thanks for keeping an eye out for the invasive Asian Long-horned Beetle!

Lisa DeBruyckere
July 30, 2009, 12:31 p.m.