Land Plants - invasive

Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) on Sep 4, 2009

Submitter does not have a specimen
EDRR Status: Local expert notified

Description of specimen

Beautiful, tall flowering purple loosestrife.


Thank you for your report! I will notify the Tualatin SWCD on this, and hopefully they can work with the landowner to manage this invasive. You should also know that the Orgon Department of Agriculture has released biocontrol insects who feed on this plant. While control is not instantanious, it is effective, so if the SWCD sees that the biocontrol elements are working they may choose to allow them to do their job, rather than asking the landowner to pull or spray.

FYI: Oregon does not have any regulations that require landowners to eradicate invasives, so neither the SWCD or ODA has any regulatory authority -- control ultimately is up to the landowner.

Vern Holm
Sept. 4, 2009, 11:16 a.m.