Land Plants - invasive

Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima) on Oct 12, 2022

Submitter does not have a specimen
EDRR Status: Local expert notified

Description of specimen

Noxious weed tree is invading over my driveway and is on the property line. Neighbor owns the tree and it's grown huge all over his front yard. He is clueless about trees and plants. I want this noxious tree gone. It's a threat to the ground soil and the basements since it can grow into foundations. It looks like a Sumac, but it is sometimes called "Tree of Heaven" I think. Neighbor is 11475 SE 77th Place 97222 and trees are growing all over his roof. He's a kid (30ish) who hasn't a clue. We are not on speaking terms as he is a hermit. I want to remain anonymous. Tell him an arborist was here and told me about the ban on those trees. The arborist was here trimming off his weed tree branches that hang over my property and on top of my Queen Anne cherry tree. It causes a bad cherry crop all tiny and a bit moldy from the weed tree. The arborist cut off some branches off my Queen Anne tree and the weed tree to let light in. I call the neighbor lazy, but he is also clueless. Remember the arborist reported the dangers of the weed tree. Blame them for telling about it. Before that tree was planted there by previous owner who also didn't have a clue, I got 200 lbs. of huge Queen Anne Cherries. I rely on supplementing my food with my fruit trees. I didn't get a cherry crop this year because the weed tree was growing on top of my Queen Anne Tree. He has an oak tree right on the property line and branches are hanging high over my driveway. THAT tree has a split at the mid-base, that resembles a tiny crack and a hole at the top of the crack and will someday fall on his house. His front yard is about 16Wx20L feet, and it's loaded with trees. It blocks my light. and causes the grass along my driveway to get moldy. He never mows or trims anything. It's a jungle. 5 trees on his front lawn counting a pine at his driveway side. His noxious blackberries in back yard property line are climbing on top of my garage. But that is another story. They already grew over the top of his shed. He bought the place from an old man who was also clueless. The current owner never did anything but mow once a year for the past 10. This is not a grudge. I just want his lack of landscaping to be addressed. I have lost my patience and it looks like he plans on not doing any landscape care ever. I told him the branches that are growing into his gutter are noisy when the wind blows and he never even noticed branches growing into his gutter. Tag the weed tree please and force him to take it down. I can't have these trees growing high over my 75Lft driveway blocking and killing my landscaping.