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Manzanita leaf-gall aphid (Tamalia cowed) on Sep 5, 2023

Originally reported as Willow limb gall borer (Agrilus polities)

Submitter does not have a specimen

Description of specimen

Healthy Bearberry plant, right next to the trail, I noticed red and pink cankers on a healthy looking Bearberry plant. These were not berries, I thought they might have been a fungus. Upon further research at home, I suspect they were Pontania eggs for the Willow Limb Gall Borer. I counted at least seven or eight eggs.


Thank you for your report! Looks like you found Manzanita leaf-gall aphids. I've attached an information sheet.

Thanks for being on the lookout!

Tom Valente
Sept. 5, 2023, 1:23 a.m.