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Fall Webworm Moth (Hyphantria cunea) on Sep 9, 2023

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Gypsy moth nests in the trees on Bridlemile Creek.


Thank you for your report! Fortunately, those are not Spongy Moth (AKA gypsy moth), whose caterpillars don't spin webs that cover the leaves. Those are the webs of Fall Webworm caterpillars, Hyphantria cunea, a very common native moth. They seem to be very, very common this year. We are getting a lot of reports. Fall Webworm webs are unsightly, but the caterpillars rarely defoliate trees. Pesticides aren't recommended against these caterpillars, because they are protected by their webbing. Affected branches can be cut from the trees and destroyed, if desired.

Tom Valente
Sept. 11, 2023, 2:02 a.m.