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Land Plants on Nov 20, 2023

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There's a Oak tree that has a beetle infestation, mediterranean oak borer, and is visually deteriorating. We have lost several large Oak trees in the surrounding area, one on our property and several across the street at Coke. The client would like this one removed ASAP as it has been rapidly declining over the past several weeks, branch loss and it leaning towards a building. We have a mitigation planting in place. Our certified arborist removed the oak on our property and has determined the same issue with this one.


Thank you for the report. I can see from the pictures that there is evidence of previous damage from carpenterworm (, etc. but I don't see MOB so I will verify. Adjacent properties have known MOB infestations (

Christine Buhl
Nov. 20, 2023, 8:24 a.m.