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Land Plants on May 22, 2024

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Although it looks like a 'regular' bluebell, after searching online for a while, it seems to be Spanish bluebell. It's fairly pretty, grows and spreads easily, and is nearly impossible to remove without herbicides. Plants will grows from bulblets smaller than a grain of rice- though it will take a few years. Throughout east Portland, many well maintained gardens will have these bluebells volunteer one years, only to take over a side or front yard. And it continues to spread, much like lesser celandine.

I have spent time outside with these plants. Bees of all types will happily visit and pollinate nearby flowers, even dandelions, mints- invasive indestructables as well, but bees like them- NOT ONE POLLINATOR- mason bees, pollinating flies, honey bees, no one visited the bluebells- they actively flew around them. I'm concerned because they spread so easily, can't be controlled with years of digging, and they displace the natives in my yard. They are flying under the radar, and have even moved into Jenkin's Estate. Walk around the Metro area outside of 'downtown' for 15 minutes- you will see them. In a few years, we won't see much of anything else.