Mammals - invasive

Nutria (Myocastor coypus) on May 11, 2008

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There are two or three of them that we have often seen in and beside the water since we moved here in July 07.

I also suspect, judging by the din at night, that there are bullfrogs too.

I moved here from California last year so I guess I'm invasive too!


Thank you for submitting the report. Nutria are common in wetland habitats throughout the Beaverton area. I have been to Beacon Hill Wetlands with a Clean Water Services (CWS) employee to monitor their restoration efforts. CWS is concerned that nutria are destroying their plantings. CWS trap nutria opportunistically in some locations, depending on whether adjacent homeowners are open to trapping.

Here is the contact information for the person who supervises nutria activities at CWS:

Brian Vaughn
Water Resources Project Coordinator
(503) 681-4460

If you would like more information on nutria, please visit the nutria page on the Center for Lakes and Reservoirs website at My contact information can also be found on this page if you have further questions.

Trevor Sheffels
Center for Lakes and Reservoirs
Portland State University

Trevor Sheffels
May 12, 2008, 9:21 a.m.