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Wyatt Williams Ph.D.

Biography: My taxonomic expertise is insects. I have a Ph.D. in Entomology from Colorado State University (2012) where I studied plant-insect interactions of noxious weeds and their natural enemies. I received my Masters Degree in Biology from Boise State University (2007), my thesis for which was on host selection behavior of Douglas-fir beetle in the intermountain West. I was employed by the USGS Canyonlands Field Station (Moab, Utah) from 1999-2004 as a biological technician where I conducted biodiversity surveys of invertebrates on the Colorado Plateau and I was the curator of an entomological collection. I have also conducted entomology research in Panama, Costa Rica and my home state of Nebraska. My other work experience includes a seasonal employee of the U.S. Forest Service (biological control of weeds), adjunct biology instructor at Boise State University, Colorado Department of Agriculture (insect trapper) and technician for a biotech company specializing in bedbug control devices.

I joined the Oregon Department of Forestry, Forest Health Unit, in September of 2012 where I serve as the Invasive Species Specialist. I specialize in EAB, Mediterranean oak borer and other exotic forest insects and diseases, as well as supporting agency staff on noxious weed identification and management. Here is my group's web page:

Affiliations: Wyatt Williams, Ph.D.

Invasive Species Specialist

Oregon Department of Forestry

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