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Red and Black Bordered Plant Bug (Largus cinctus) on Aug 15, 2018

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Red and black bugs. Not boxelder bugs, but on the ground among plant debris like boxelder bugs commonly are. Pretty abundant. I’ve been able to collect 5 or 6 in about 10 minutes of effort, on 3 evenings. This is a new species to me, but I assume they are red and black bordered plant bugs from internet sites. I see a couple different species named on websites. Have specimens if they are of interest for identifying.
Big, not boxelder bug. Bug. Not boxelder bug. Bug. Not boxelder bug Bugs. Not boxelder bugs. Lat Long.


This is a "true bug" belonging to the family Largidae (Bordered Plant bugs) in the genus Largus. They are plant feeders and are generally not considered pests. There are 12 species in North America.
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Wyatt Williams
Sept. 7, 2018, 11:26 a.m.