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Pine Sawflies (Neodiprion sp.) on May 13, 2024

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A few days ago I saw an odd caterpillar-looking insect and thought nothing of it, but when I found 12 on my porch after coming home from work, I sent pictures to my mom who identified it as European pine sawfly larvae. I collected approximately 20 specimens in a plastic zip-top bag and will be searching for more in the coming days. Most were on the bricks or wooden parts of the porch, but some were found in or under my plant pots. A few molts or desiccated individuals were also found. All specimens were collected within a 1.5 meter radius from the most specimen-rich pillar.

Weather was warm (approximately 70 degrees), clear skies, and with a slight breeze. Individuals were spotted at 6:18 pm.


We do see european pine saw fly on mugo pine, which is used as an ornamental landscape plant. Do you have any low-growing pine bushes in your yard or neighbor's yard. Usually, pine saw flys do not cause long-term damage to their host. Here is more info:

Yes, there are opportunities to help. Email me separately and I can explain more. Thanks!

Wyatt Williams
May 20, 2024, 5:55 a.m.